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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tally?

A tally is a running total, count or current score of a set of things such as people, points, industrial steps, workout reps or sets, plant starts, or any other thing to be counted. To put it another way, a tally is a calculation of the total number of "things" that are part of the tally set. A tally calculation can be summed in a one-by-one fashion or by a factor or multiple wherein each "tally mark" to be counted represents a factor or multiple of objects.

How to tally by hand?

A tally or hand tally consists of "tally marks," representing the smallest individual unit of the objects to be tallied, and "tally groups," consisting of 5 total tally marks, allowing for more rapid counting (by fives rather than ones). To create a tally, start by drawing a vertical line on a piece of paper, chalk or white board, piece of wood, or anywhere else you would like to keep a tally. Next, for each unit you would like to tally, add another line next to the first. When there are 4 vertical lines representing a calculated tally of 4, the next line drawn should be a diagonal line through these 4. This diagonal line along with the 4 other tally marks represents a tally group of 5 tally marks. The next unit in the tally starts a new tally group of up to 4 vertical lines followed by a fifth tally mark through them diagonally. This pattern continues untill you are done counting. When you are done, count the number of tally groups, (those with 5 tally marks including the diagonal line) and multiply this total by 5. Add the remaining tally marks from the unfinished tally group, if any, to this total. You've now completed and calculated the tally.

What is a tally counter?

A "Tally Counter" is a device used to keep a tally or a count. Usually a small handheld device, tally counters are used for a variety of purposes such as to count people, to count industrial steps, to count workouts, to track sporting event scores, to tally scientific data, or to report on the number of sales calls. Tally counters are available in mechanical, electronic, or software (tally apps), or app-integrated varieties.

In mechanical or electronic tally counters, the counter is activated by pressing a button located around the count display. In a mechanical counter, this causes the first numeric ring of the count display to advance by one number. After the count has reached 0009 by repeating the same method, then the second ring will advance one step and the first ring will come back to zero to display a 0010 on the count screen. To reset mechanical counters, there is typically a dial, knob or other lever or button located on the side of the device. This mechanism is used to turn all the dials on the count display at once, typically back to 0000.

Digital tally counters function in a similar way, but use an electronic button, rather than mechanical action, to change tally on the count display. These counters have an advantage over their mechanical counterparts in their ability to rapidly reset the tally to zero. Some electronic tally counters also offer the ability to count by intervals, or maintain multiple counts at once.

What is a tally counter app?

A tally counter app is an application or software package, rather than a physical mechanical device, that can be used to keep a running tally or count. A tally count app can be made to be installed on a personal computer, built into a web browser, or downloaded to a mobile device. A tally counter app often is much cheaper than physical mechanical tally counters, and can be much faster and more responsive than mechanical versions.

What kinds of tally counter apps are there?

Our free digital online tally counter app is designed for any kind of counting from 0 to 999 without the need to register for an account. Our upgraded Pro and People Counting App versions offer users the ability to do more complex counting tasks, such as negative counts or people and demographic counting.

Is the free tally counter app for iPhone or Android?

Yes! To install the tally counter app on your mobile device, you'll need to select "Add To Homescreen" from your mobile device. The tally counter app will then function like a native app.

Can I create multiple counters?

Yes! To use multiple counters, simply install the tally counter app on your mobile device homescreen a second time and rename the counter to a name of your choosing. This is only available on mobile devices using the add-to-homescreen option.

Is there an offline mode for the tally counter app where I can tally without the internet? 

Yes! To enable offline mode, you'll just need to install the free tally counter app to your iPhone or Android mobile device by selecting "Add To Home Screen". The count will be saved to your device, and you will be able to use the tally counter offline.

What is a Tasbih (Tasbeeh) counter app?

A Tasbih Counter App or Tasbeeh Counter App is a tally counter used in place of traditional Tasbih beads for counting prayers. Compared to electronic or mechanical Tasbeeh counters, a Tasbeeh counter app allows for convenient prayer counting from your existing device. A Free Online Tasbeeh Counter online is a very inexpensive and easy way to keep track of your prayers.

What is a plant start counter app?

A plant start counter app is a tally counter used to count seedlings, sapling, or other sprouts at various levels of maturity. The free online tally counter is a simple way to do this from your mobile device or any computer with an internet browser.

What is an attendance counter app?

An attendance counter or attendance tracker app makes it easy to count how many people have shown up at your event or location. If a person leaves, just decrement the counter by clicking the minus button.

What is a people counter app?

A people counter app is a software tool used to tally persons or foot-traffic at or in a given premises. People counters differ from standard tally counters in that they are specifically designed to count people, rather than objects, and include features to make such counting more efficient and informative. The Tally People Counter App features the ability to separately tally males and females in one handy place.

Does the people counter app comply with fire-code regulations for counting occupancy?

Our tally counters and the People Counter App are designed for professional crowd managers in accordance with, and in support of, the requirements established by the International Association of Fire Marshals.

Can I add the digital tally counter to my Microsoft Teams site?

Our digital tally counter is free to use, and you can link to our tally counter from any Mircrosoft teams or Microsoft Sharepoint instance.

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