A Digital Tally Counter for People Counting or Industrial Step Counting.


NOTE: Install this app for best touch functionality by selecting add to homescreen.


  • +/- Tally
  • Reset Count
  • Remember Count On Reload.

This free online tally counter is designed for mobile devices.
To get the full functionality of our online tally counter, you'll want to install this APP to the homescreen of your mobile device.
Once the digital tally counter app is added to your device, it will behave like a native app, and you'll be able to interact with it for free.
This free digital online tally counter is a simple people counter for retail, hospitality, events, education, or government.
To count the occupants of your venue, add the APP to your homescreen for simplest functionality.
If you need to keep two separate tallies, just add the APP a second time to your homescreen, naming each after the 'zone' you'd like to track separtely.